2014 IIHF 亞洲U18訓練營LTP教練注意事項


To all participating coaches 

Of the 2014 IIHF Asian U18 Hockey Development Camp 

Learn To Play Program 

From Harald Springfeld, IIHF Asian Project Manager 

Date 14th June 2014 

Subject Information Bulletin 

Dear friends, 

The 2014 IIHF Asian U18 Hockey Development Camp will start shortly and this Information Bulletin is to supply you with important information and final details which will help in your preparations for the Learn to Play Program organized by the IIHF in co-operation with the Chinese Taipei Ice 

Hockey Federation. 

Meeting Location and schedule 

We start right away with Ice Practice on Sunday, 15.06.2023 from 21:30-23:00 in the Ice Rink with our IIHF Instructor Johan Bollue. The regular program will then start on Monday, 16.06.2023 with beginning at 08:30. Meeting point will be the Sunworld Dynasty Hotel on the 2nd floor (VIP Court, Room III). Just take the escalator when you enter the lobby and follow the signage. 

Please bring already your equipment in the morning as after the classroom sessions the Chinese Taipei Ice Hockey Federation is organizing the lunch in the classroom before we welcome the players @ 13:00 for their off-ice and on-ice practice in the ice rink. As for the ice practice you will 

dress-up on the tribune in the ice rink. Right after each practice we will organize a follow-up meeting. 

CTIHF Learn to Play Coaches Certification 

To be eligible to receive the Learn To Play coaching certificate from side of the Chinese Taipei Ice Hockey Federation supported by the IIHF your attendance for the full duration of the Learn To Play Program is mandatory. 

Items to bring 

Helmets are mandatory – no ice practice without helmet 




Track-suit for on-ice practice will be provided by IIHF 

Clothes to do off-ice training (running shoes, shorts, t-shirt, etc.)

-請每位報名LTP的教練詳細閱讀這個公告, 請於明天21:00到冰場集合, 21:30準時上冰

- 星期一請於08:30準時到王朝二樓的VIP court報到






@IIHF 將會有準備運動衣

@OFF ICE(球鞋, 短褲, 上衣)

參加者一定要完整的完成所有的課程, 才能取得由IIHF發出的證書

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